Some people just

Bring out my inner bitch.

I mean it rears its head at the slightest signs of stupidity. It’s one intolerant bitch. But I have concluded that I can forgive people for being stupid because as my biz law group mate has put it so aptly,”Stupidity is their natural limitation and all we can do is to be the bigger person and forgive them for it.” -smirks-

What I can’t forgive is that they put in 0 effort to make up for what they can’t do. All I want you to do is to be on time for group meetings and for you to do your part properly in standard English for the report.

What’s so hard about that?

On a different note, I’ve 2 papers left. One of which isn’t even really counted because I’m expecting it to be easy. It didn’t stop me from mugging though. Because that’s what RV kids do. We mug for the important and not-so-important tests. 

I can’t wait for the 5th because it’s the end of stats and the day I’ll meet 4i. I also can’t wait to fly back and collect my early xmas present from my aunt.


5 Lessons learnt from

Watching 非诚勿扰/Perfect Match which is actually a Chinese matchmaking show which is witty and sharp. I never would have thought that I would watch such shows but the 3 hosts 黄老师,乐嘉老师 & 孟爷爷 are truly good. Their conversations which deliver sharp, witty and subtle comments truly showcase the beauty of the language. But basically anyone who can do so in any language is amazing.
Lesson 1: Never be afraid of rejections

People will reject you. Sometimes over and over again as shown in one episode in which the female contestant was constantly rejected by the male contestants. But she found someone who took her hand in the end because she wasn’t afraid to keep her light till the end for men whom she thought would be right for her.

Rejections happen but don’t let them get to you. Reflect on your shortcomings and move on.

Lesson 2: It’s ok to reject people

Don’t be pressurized into accepting people because they are sweet. No feel 就是 no feel if I may quote myself on this. But feel 来的时候,怎么挡都挡不住. If you feel they aren’t right for you then just say no. Be fair to yourself and the other person. Don’t settle for wrong things and especially not for the wrong people.

They may be wonderful but not for you.

Lesson 3: Be brave

Love takes courage. It obviously takes balls to be on the stage declaring that you’re on the Quest to find Love because the people around you may mock and laugh at your ‘desperateness’. The courage to walk away with a person who is a 70% stranger to you and even the possibility of uprooting your life just to be with him. The courage to confess and be honest about yourself and your feelings. Not every thing can be within your predictions so just muster your courage.

Lesson 4: Emotions vs Rationale

Strike a balance between both. Be in touch with how you feel and distinguish between feeling touched and love. Know how you feel so you won’t make the wrong decisions but don’t be swept away by your emotions so that you make a wrong decision.

Lesson 5: Love yourself

I think all the female contestants in the show do love themselves. They are aware of their flaws but also aware of their strengths. They are confident but not arrogant. They have their insecurities too. It’s difficult to say how one should love oneself. But I think it shows in one’s demeanor. How much they treasure and respect themselves. They are all there to find their best match and there is no settling for any less. And I think that’s part of loving yourself.

Because only when you love yourself despite your imperfections, you come to accept yourself for who you are. It doesn’t mean that you don’t try to correct your flaws. You still do but you know that you don’t have to be overly harsh on yourself.

And other people will come to love you after you do. I think that’s also when you realise that love is more than having a person accepting you for all your flaws.

Ok that was long, Why am I so long-winded but 5 is a good number when you’re listing things? But it looks as if Luo Qi is leaving tonight.

When you read my post, it is essential to read the title because I connect it in a sentence #fyi

Two posts at once

because I’m on a roll.

I should be studying. Biz law is on Tuesday and instead of living and breathing in my notes here am I. Typing away.

I just wanted to talk about my family. I mean my Malaysian extended family ie my older and younger cousins/nieces/nephews.

I have a problem; I can’t relate to them at all. 

It’s a bit scary because I’m the only child so when my parents die, I’ll only have them left. But I can’t communicate with them at all. And I don’t want to be someone who becomes estranged from her family. It’s like a tree which doesn’t have roots.

But how do I relate when they’re into kpop while I’m into jpop? I judge them for liking kpop because they’re merely following the trend. I honestly despise people who like a trend simply because it is a trend. And whatever your oppas have done, it has already been done by JE boys. Pardon me if I’m unimpressed. It’s admirable to continue holding SM town in the rain but Arashi has done it every single year in Kokuritsu for their fans in storms. I respect them for it but no, it’s not the most dazzling act ever.

The above paragraph can be summarised into one sentence: We’ve no common topic.

We differ too much in terms of maturity and intellect. I think I’m superior while they think I’m close-minded for not looking at their idols. I fangirl but I don’t wish them happy birthday etc etc on facebook. Grow up please. I think it’s really cute that they’re always so happy but it just gives me the impression that you’re living in a greenhouse. Or that you’re a disney princess.

We have different worldviews. Why would someone think that a homosexual will undergo a sex change? It is possible but it doesn’t happen with every couple. Gays do not necessarily find the need to change themselves into women and vice versa for lesbians. It’s just an ignorant comment and reeks of homophobia. Neither do I appreciate you trying to shackle me to media stereotypes of how female bodies should be. If you are intent on achieving that stick thin figure, go for it. I applaud you. But please don’t decide how I should be by making snide comments about my body. It is people like you that make it harder for me to love myself.

I actually used to respect my cousin because she’s everything I’m not; she’s organised, hardworking, meticulous and good with numbers. But stop putting me down so you can feel better about yourself. 


The first post is dedicated

to 4ich.

And I think the song describes everything I feel about our memories together.

They make up all of my memories in RV. I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t met them.

I’ll remember our classroom with the rainbow-colored curtains designated to keep out the sun and keep us hidden from prying eyes.

But more importantly, we could spy on the outside world behind the curtains which means we would always know when Dora Lee is coming. And this would of course cue the desperate scrambling to our own seats and the sudden unworldly stillness which would blanket the classroom.

There would be the PE lessons when the class is divided into the Fit and the Unfit. I belonged to the latter. We would always be late for PE lessons and most of the times, we wouldn’t even have changed so that we can waste more time. We would walk as much as we could and cheat our way out of as many rounds as we could. Say…the time we cut across the field so we ended up running 2 rounds instead of 4?


Even in Years 5 & 6, my memories are still of 4Ich. Running to Lit lectures together, falling asleep in math lectures together and breaks together whenever we can.

4Ich, you guys are my RV experience and you guys remind me that I’m not truly alone.