This is just

A random update to let you guys know that I’m not dead.


But obviously Chong doesn’t need it since we’ll have our weekly conversation of 费城勿扰 so if I miss it for the entire weekend, it is entirely likely that I have dropped dead. Since we’re now on the topic of that show, I might as well update you guys (whether you watch it or not. This is my blog remember?). But anyway, my favorite girls have all left. Wang yu chen is my current favorite cause that girl is too cute. Someone needs to appreciate her and take her away. I wonder if Meng Xue has adopted a kid with her boyfriend by now? I’m too lazy to stalk her WeiBo but I hope she’s happy.

Somehow when people date, I’ll automatically assume that they’ll marry each other despite knowing instinctively that it’s an assumption that really shouldn’t be made.

This is Week 4 of school and yes the craziness has begun. My troubles with my new groupmates have started including guys who act like they have sticks up their asses. Well, if they want to act like that, I’m just going to be responsible for pushing up the sticks as far as I can.

As I told my neighbour, when is there no work to be done and when is there no exam to study for? Think it was the first time I shut him up effectively. Work’s crazy and this entire week is packed. And may I know WTF Gangster Squad is already nearing the end of its run?! I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet!!!! 😡

Tomorrow there’s MS to be done and then my OCSP meeting…My co has yet to reply me…does he not like the idea of consulting another person? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ok this is all for my random update.

Looking forward to Wed afternoon with Pris and Rachel~~


Being profiled

Is simultaneously exciting and scary because really, why would a stranger have the right to read you based on a test you took?

But anyways, that was what we did for LTB (leadership and team building) under my prof. And his comment is probably going to be useful for the rest of my life.

“You need to be less scared; there is nothing to be scared of.”

I’m going to try to be “less scared” and worry less about things in general. I shall be the calm person that I originally am because apparently being high strung is a learned response as well.

My keyword for 2013

Shall be risk-taking.

2013 shall be a year of chances, opportunities and possibly new friends.

I’ve recently decided to take on an overseas community service project from scratch. Nothing is confirmed yet but A LOT of work is foreseeable.

I’ll admit I took it on without giving it proper thought but since I have, I shall see it through.

This is a chance to prove to myself that I do have some leadership qualities in me even if I’m not the best.
This is a chance to learn from my co-leader who has a lot of experience compared to me.
This is a chance to forge new bonds.

So even though there are a lot of uncertainties right now, I shall put aside my doubts, do this properly and hope everything works out.

Because as Rancho said,”Aal iz well~”

May all our efforts be rewarded in 2013.