Summer Plans

commencing today!

Flying to KL and then to Hong Kong! I can’t fucking wait for Hong Kong. Hopefully my family won’t be too much of a downer.

I have landed myself in Vivace as subcomm! I’m in Sponsorships department and if you have any lobangs, please send them my way. Vivace is good because the commitment isn’t too heavy. I think we have pretty good theme going on this year.

My OCSP is in the works because my co-leader had to pull out as army won’t grant him leave. So now my friend wants to work on a smaller self proposed trip which will have relatively less admin work to do. It will be kind of rushed but we hope to go in late summer.

A long overdue museum trip to Art Science Museum to see the Legos and Phantom of the Opera.

Summer: I am feeling you and I can soon embrace the freedom and fun you represent but less of the heat please?

When you guys read this, I’ll already be on my way.


Outraged by

The below video

You might have to click on the link to see it.

When people do things like that, it’s like a slap to people who are trying hard to earn a living. It shows a lack of respect for people and it obviously shows that they are mocking and having fun at the expense of others.

It is not funny. If you think it’s a riot, you need to reflect on your principles,values and morals.

I’m so riled up over this short video and it’s not even worth it. Fuck.

Issues I do not

Touch with most people are

This is a highly sensitive topic and I would prefer not to get into a philosophical argument. Plus most people can’t avoid sweeping statements when it comes to religions. I read Life of Pi a very long time ago and the part which stuck with me was how young Pi believed in several religions. As with readings, I interpreted what I could and took it away. Most religions have the same overarching beliefs and I believe that the higher power is manifested in different forms and names. Thus I would appreciate it if you left me alone should I choose to pray with joss sticks to statues. Likewise, I would not question your faith.

My reluctance to discuss politics is also explained by above paragraph. Political inclination is a complex interplay of socioeconomic and cultural factors. Vote for whichever party that can best represent your interests although I would try to keep the country’s interests in mind as well.

I am referring specifically to those between you and your significant other. It’s not that I do not care; I would rather not overstep my boundary as a friend. If you want to confide in me, that’s fine. If you don’t, it’s also OK. I have no business of knowing (and I don’t really wanna know) which base you are at even if I do ask in jest. But yes, I’ll be here if you need me to be. Just a word of precaution: I am evergreen and that may render my advice/opinion invalid.

This is highly personal. Every family has a few skeletons and dynamics. I would also not criticise your family members when you do complain to me because they are for you to love and criticise. Doing the latter would be overstepping my boundary. I will support you by viewing things from your point of view but I will not hesitate to call you out as well. Again, I may not relate to sibling issues since I have none. And points from 2 are relevant here as well.

As a friend, I respect your privacy and your views. But topics above, we will not touch if we are unable to hold a mature and calm discussion.


from Home.

Walking on the cobbled pavements through a crowd. A crowd not big enough to block the way but big enough to feel claustrophobic. 

A word, a scent, not too sure what it was which triggered it. It may most likely be the buses which passed you by, the bus numbers which you are all-too-familiar with; they bring you home.

But not here, they don’t. 

The people around you form noisy little bubbles of conversation in pleasing accents and your company’s bubble seems to have excluded you completely. Not for the first time, you wonder what you’re doing with them and irrationally wanting to have the buses bring you home. The rational side knows you obviously cannot and all too acutely aware of the distance between you and home. 

The night is beautiful and the city welcoming but it’s not one you know. The people you are with, they might as well be strangers. You might as well be alone, perhaps that would be better.

You didn’t realise it at that time but you do when you touch down, breathing in the humid air, feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your arms, seeing the familiar face waiting for you  in the arrival hall and knowing that you are whole again. 

You never thought that you would miss it here but there you were, getting homesick when you were so sure you wouldn’t.


Best of my


Being in Paris calls for a mandatory shot of the Eiffel Tower. Conquered Eiffel by climbing up. Breathless. Literally and figuratively. But this is my favorite shot of the entire trip which I took. The trip to Paris was pretty disillusioning. Paris above ground and underground present very different images and the underground in the Metro is slightly depressing. Cobbled pavements are really not suitable for walking as I’ve found out even in my sneakers. Paris is the most beautiful when viewed from the bridges and it’s indeed true. I still love the city but heightened wariness if I go back.

Definitely the highlight of London. We were there with less than a month to go to Olympic and the excitement was palpable in the air. It’s a city which is very very much alive. I felt really welcome in the country. They were stringent at the Customs but still remained friendly and warm. I regret not getting the tea there so chong, you must help me buy ok! They come in really cute tins such as their icons.

Italy's angel
I personally think Italy’s hard to capture in photos; probably cause of their massive architecture.A photo of an angel is pretty apt I guess? They have a lot of statues in Italy. Walked around Rome and there were fountains everywhere. It was crazy hot in Italy and for a while I had the imprint of my shades on my face. Do not go in Summer if you hate the heat. Italy and France have similarities but are very different at the same time. And I enjoyed the samba masala or some kind of drums performance in the park outside my hotel. Gelatos are a must try, any random flavor is worth a lick.

Venice deserves a post of its own and it feels like it’s a different country by itself. I love Venice. I love the quaint old charm of walking on the winding streets; every corner and every turn takes you to somewhere unexpected. I left Venice, more in love with it than I ever was.

2 weeks for Europe is not enough; there isn’t much time to immerse yourself in the pace and culture of the city/country which is quite important for me when I travel.

Cheated with this because this was from my first trip to Japan with the school. I couldn’t really find a good iconic photo of this trip. Probably the temple but my shot wasn’t very good. But having been to Japan twice, I still love it. Yes I’ll go back.

Hopefully, I’ll get to go more places this year.

My Violent Tendencies

Will one day manifest themselves in real life.


Sometimes I truly feel like slapping people wide awake or pry open their eyes so they can reevaluate/see their fucking lives.

Good luck to you if you are on my mental Hit List which will likely translate itself into real life anytime now.