Growing Pains:

The literal and figurative aches.

Figurative aches are worse than literal aches.

Literal aches are physical involving body changes and there’s the whole awkward phase of figuring out what to do with these new extended arms, budding boobs and a lot of growing hair. You get what I mean. But this phase is relatively short and can be hastened if your friends are those who will give u a positive self-esteem boost. Friends who don’t look at you like you’re a gorilla who just escaped cause you’ve yet to figure out what are the best products for shaving or laugh at your shaving cuts.

The real pain is literal and they last for a long time. They start from the age you hit puberty which can be as young as 9 years old. From body changes to emotional changes and it’s a tumultuous period from then on. 

Because there are just too many fucking issues to figure out and deal with. Some of us deal with our sexuality, sexual orientation, self-image etc etc. The list never fucking ends. 

Right now at this stage of time, in university, I think most of us are just dealing with finding out what we want. That’s tough and so we go by the process of elimination via experimentation. We join clubs, frats and whatever shit we have in university, finding out what’s right and what’s not. More often than not, it’s easier to confirm what we do not want.

This is not actually limited to our activities. This applies to our social circle too.

This is where the scary part comes in especially when we have been reliant on a circle of friends to make it through. The sleepovers, the long talks, mugging sessions and drunken nights. During these moments, one does not envision a moment in future that life will continue without these people with them right now.

But then comes the moment when friends become the weights on your ankles. That fucking eureka moment when you realise that you are fucking done waking up with a pounding headache and a roaring hangover. Or that moment when you realise you are just too tired to care about their newest squeeze(s), their hookups or their breakups or their latest academic breakthroughs (the good, the bad and the ugly). 

It’s time to cut them off. 

But who and how? The pain doesn’t actually stop there because you would have to deal with all the fucking drama that comes along with it with people asking really? You’re doing it?! 

I mean yeah I sure as hell am. I’m not a motherfucking emotional charity and you’ve gotta get that straight woman.

Don’t let people hold you back. They were blasts to be with and they still are but maybe in all the wrong ways. 

You’ll get over them and so will they get over you. Don’t you worry bb.