Because Chong

requested for an update, I’m sitting in my room while Matt Bomer goes on being sexy in White Collar on my TV in my living room, typing away. Actually, I think she knows what I’ve been up to most of the summer so this is for pure entertainment purposes. Nevertheless, I shall try.

Summer Happenings 101:
I’ve been working Mondays-Fridays, 9.30am to 6.30pm with a one hour lunch break but I take liberties with the time occasionally. Working in an app development SME as the admin staff and the job scope ranges from receptionist to Tesco worker. I’ve recently also organised a food race for them and apparently most of them have no idea what it is; I would have thought it to be clear enough from the title FOOD RACE itself but no. I’m finally ending my stint this Wednesday and I can’t be happier. The side effect of working there has truly enticed me into getting a Macbook and I keep forgetting how to scroll on my Vaio. My Vaio’s still chio but maybe it has clocked in enough hours.

Work has been peppered with meetings with school cause of Vivace and this OCSP that I’m planning. I’ve sent out a bazillion emails but only 2 were successful. I honestly wanted to send out more but then when I wanted to, I got swamped by work. The weekly meetings which never involved Sponsorship didn’t help my motivation either. But in the end, I guess we still did OK with Cadbury, Nestle etc etc sponsoring us.

Then the OCSP, we ran into a NUS team who went to the school to help and they are giving us a lot of info so it’s all good. But I think we’ve pissed off the OSL people in one way or another and now we are not getting replies from them.

But besides all these, I’ve been meeting up with people and making sure I get my cultural doses to keep in touch with my Humanities roots. I saw Sihua, Chong, Rachel and most surprisingly Huey Yiing the most I would guess? Mostly had short lunches with Sonjia cause we had to find some halfway points to lunch at.
Went for The Optic Trilogy with Chong and Phantom of the Opera with 4i. I would count the Grow & Glow art show held by the designers to be part of my cultural fulfilment. It was pretty interesting because I never knew that designing an app took so much detail. Like the color scheme which was split into the primary and secondary palette and also the typography etc.
Discovered new hangouts such as Drury Lane, Just Want Coffee and The Showroom cafe; mostly for coffee. I’ve found my current favorite coffee and it’s definitely mocha with its blend of coffee, chocolate and milk. Appreciated the smoked duck pasta at 49 Seats as well. Have also been craving for Cake Spade’s brownies for about a week now. Also discovered that Once upon a Rosti sells cheap rosti for like $3-$5 and it’s not bad too~ My workplace is really a gold mine for food especially if you have the $$$ which is why I usually end up overspending.

But I haven’t been swimming as much as I want to this summer partly due to my laziness and clashing of schedule. I know how it’s OK to do stuff alone but some stuffs just aren’t as fun without company like star chasing; missed my once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Sho and Keiko at MBS’ red carpet for their movie premier. Heartbreaking.

On the other hand, I saw Gordon Ramsay at Maxwell and he was amazingly nice. Shook our hands and all, looking a little flustered by the heat and crowd. Totally ran out of my workplace to wait for him with the other SMU intern and we waited for about half an hour before we finally got to see him. It was all worth it for that handshake and the greeting. He’s much taller than I anticipated though.

Summer has yet to end, may the last 2 weeks be filled with more fun and activities that I actually want to do.