Made it through

Week One.

But barely.

Flying off to KL tomorrow to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. The 3-day trip is giving me anxiety because I feel behind in terms of school work already. This is especially true for the stupid excel mod (CAT). I worry about this course and obviously finance because I tend to take really long to get quantitative courses and still do badly at them.

And also because said course above is taught by a China prof who is new to teaching; she is a little blur, nervous and a heavy accent which I can’t understand 60% of the time.

But all 3 other profs have the American accent and are all pretty hot. I think some of my friends are starting to side-eye me when I tell them my female profs are hot. I’m really pleased cause it adds incentive to the courses. Yes, I rely on such external factors to strive better.

My OCSP is finally approved but there are problems regarding our expected fundraising amounts. I am crazy pissed since it’s unfair to participants who might have to fork out extra $200 to fulfill overambitious promises.

I have also signed up for Patron’s Day org comm. This is to fulfill my own goal that I would try out leadership positions and be more actively involved in school somehow. But referring to the above, it seems as if every time I try to do something mildly positive for myself, I get hit with a bazillion setbacks.

@isihua why is your life usually smooth sailing? Things actually turn out the way you want to, usually that is.

My face continues to fucking peel and it’s affecting me in all possible ways negatively. I feel like a fucking snake and voldemort. Plus I had to deal with a dismissive GP who obviously doesn’t know what it feels like.

In conclusion, this emotional roller coaster simply indicates that the red river will flow anytime now.


I feel like

You guys deserve another update since I’ve ended work.

Life has been extremely relaxing and slack. I’ve fallen into the irregular and probably unhealthy cycle of sleeping at 3am and waking past noon. Don’t ask me what I do to sleep so late because I’m just like a slug on my couch and unable to get up. I just watch TV mindlessly, not thinking and just being a lump of fats in general. Let’s just all pretend I’m living in a different time zone.

But I’ve also gone swimming and running. Most of you won’t actually believe it but I did. Ended up with my right foot hurting for some consecutive days including today, right now. I feel a bit healthier but still could have swam more; I can count the number of times I swam on one hand.

I also realised that I’ve a draft which I typed halfway at work. It was honestly quite depressing because I remember clearly how isolated at work I was. I may post it since it makes up a large part of my summer.

Right now, I’m typing this while waiting for my SAF woman to come brunch with me while I go through my schedule in my head. I have become slightly more organised…I hope?

But looking forward to ending summer on the perfect note, preferably sounding like wind chimes tinkling in the breeze; lazy but crystal clear.