We are nearly there,

Only one more week to recess week. Looking forward to the breather I might be able to have during then especially with the trip to the seaquarium which I have been planning to visit since forever.

I’m absolutely dizzy with meetings this week and I need time by myself. To sit quietly alone with a cup of coffee with feeling the incessant need to check my phone for people asking for my work or demanding my time and attention.

Right now, I’ve to get started on my excel again. I would post gifs to show my mood but time is not with me so read my lines and in between my lines.


Mid term Madness

Is here once again. I’ve 2 mids and 1 quiz this week and 2 assignments due next Monday and Thursday.

I am disproportionately stressed out because I don’t want to redo that stupid workshop again. Plus that workshop is making me run around asking people for favors that I really don’t want but have no choice.

Also I suck at all qualitative mods which means I am very nervous whenever a finance quiz draws near. FYI, it is tomorrow and on Friday, I’ll have my mids for finance.

But also, Pinning is leaving this week and I have like a zillion things scattered in her house. Her parents must be thinking that their daughter has adopted a homeless stray every Friday. But if you’re(Pinning) reading this, I’m really glad that we managed to squeeze time out together to swim and do stuffs. Even if sometimes our swimming sessions are like a month apart cause I’m too busy/lazy/having to entertain monthly cycle. At the very least, I won’t be looking at your FB/social media platforms thinking I should have been more involved in your life etc etc. Don’t forget to skype me+take care in york+you aren’t allowed to leave after graduation till I go there to find you.

Ok, back to Finance.