She wondered if it was all right to hate something so beautiful but she also wondered if it was all right to love something so transient.

Short-lived beauty. A beauty she couldn’t capture no matter how hard she tried. And she had tried, naively she did. Her hands outstretched towards the sky, hoping and hoping to catch the falling sparks. She failed, of course she did, and she couldn’t even explain the chasm that had opened in her. The silliness of it all.

The anticipation of seeing the night light up with beautiful bursts of color. The fleeting joy of watching them bloom. The inevitable emptiness that came seeing it disappear.

She wanted to own that ephemeral beauty but she now knew better.

When it came to love, she would always remember the night she had tried and failed.




There are certain moments in life that aren’t meant to be forgotten; moments that will always come back to you no matter how long ago it was. Moments that consume you once you summon them.

The starlit sky uncluttered and unobscured by city lights in the darkest of the nights. The airy carefreeness as we skipped classes, laughing with our ice cream cones. The ice cream made sweeter by the lovely laziness the afternoon promised and the sun while brighter, also appeared gentler. The comfort brought about by gatherings that always seemed too short and too far apart. The amazement of how conversations pick up naturally where they left off leading into another and which continue to fuel the entire loop. The satisfaction derived from late night ramblings which actually amount to nothing but just seemed vaguely and relatively important at that point in time. The amusement from reading backlogs of texts the next morning. The excitement of fangirling together because fictional people in dramas classify as real humans too right? The quiet assurance that there’ll be people to fall back on anytime and anywhere.

Because all these moments captured and stored carefully away will eventually add up to something or maybe they won’t. Maybe they’re just a montage of life meaningful only to the beholder. 

But maybe, they’ll guide your way around life like stars guide travellers to their destinations, where they need and want to be.