I’m thinking

of how to phrase my jumbled thoughts eloquently without the need for bullet points which will sort of help me to be concise. But my thoughts aren’t linear and one thought is derived from a tangent of another.

I’ve watched Frozen recently and I remembered that it’s important to continue believing in love whilst being independent and retain one’s individuality. It’s also not choosing which princess is better as a role model but recognise that role models are humans susceptible to make mistakes and in general have flaws. Elsa was afraid of her powers whilst Anna was naive. The essence lies in how they both overcome them and conquer them. I would like to think that Anna never lost her childlike wonder.

I’ve also went traipsing around the museums for biennale with Priscilla today. It’s extremely interesting and dare I say better than the previous one. The art is thought provoking and at the same time relatable. Some of the pieces are eerily beautiful and haunting especially certain installations. I think good art open windows of new perspectives and insight into different lives and simultaneously illuminating aspects of the people observing the art. What would your world be like if the world changed?

And again with certain stuff happening in my friends’ lives, I would just like to say…when I offer advice, the goal in mind is that the advice I give will eventually lead to you being happy/contented/in general positive feelings. I try to listen and I try to empathise even though I’ve the most non-happening life ever. If I find myself giving repeated advice to the same person, I’ll stop; I’m not a broken tape recorder. My advice is free, uncertified and biased and can thus be ignored.