Fast forward

I reread some of my older posts and as usual always laugh at the one with GIFs. But thinking how crazy it is to look back and contrast then and now.

Some things I wouldn’t have pictured myself to be doing such as actually being part of an org comm while 1 year ago as a PD helper, I thought it would be crazy and take insane amounts of dedication and capability. But I guess I did unconsciously take steps to making myself I was more or less ready.

I did AAR with Joseph for Patron’s Day and was extremely relieved that he didn’t think Sponsorship did too shabbily. Somewhere along the discussion, I also found out that he thought I was more responsible than I dared to credit myself for. I should think his suggestion for me to return to PD2015 is pretty telling? So my worries which I articulated in more than 1 post have sort of been canceled out with the whole success of PD2014.  Plus he also got me into this seminar/talk planning team which will last about 2 weeks. I mean, it’s like, I definitely am OK enough to work with again.

I spent Saturday night with some of the PD Marketing team people and it’s just a little amazing how conversation just flowed even though I had spent limited time with them. It was great fun with 2 huge ass pizzas that could each possibly have been the waistline of a 15 year old girl. Then the beer and I’ve also been introduced to this drink called Snowball which is a mixture of vodka and milk. It’s surprisingly good or maybe it’s just what you get when you mix something so innocent with something so obviously adult.

Do I make sense? No? Blame it on the time.

My profs this sem are all ok. My ethics prof reminds me of a non-crazed version of Professor Trelawney and I love how cute my MA prof’s hong kong accent is. The latter’s like a combination of zhu mi mi and dora lee. Very odd but very funny. FCC prof is great; managed to impress him by knowing who Alfred Hitchcock is and doing some further reading on case study but simultaneously unimpressed him when I forgot a basic fact stated in the case. My BP prof is crazily long-winded and he reminds me of a bear. I don’t enjoy his classes because they involve math.

Currently deciding if I should try out for ASMU (the A stands for ambassadors). The application and probation period are both long ok. I don’t want to bother if I’m not planning to make a serious commitment to it. Talking to Pinning these days and I bring it up again and again because I need some reassurance. Honestly, suiting up and being all polished doesn’t seem quite me. But Pinning’s quite right that if I honestly didn’t want it, I wouldn’t bother thinking about it. Or maybe cause I’m being all Utilitarian and weighing my pain and pleasure. -shrugs-

All the above paragraphs are somehow related to each other but I’m not sure how or why.