treatment at RWS’ S.E.A Aquarium today!

I’m still super excited so I just have to write about it immediately.


THANK YOU Kon, for getting the tickets, for waking up early mid week for me and for still being my friend even after like 10+ years. I don’t know what I can do for you to top what you’ve done for me for your birthday and I shall desperately google for ideas.

I totally didn’t see it coming and was kind of speechless when I realised that we were going on the freaking VIP tour before the aquarium opened. HOW FUCKING EXCITING CAN THAT BE??? I mean unless you aren’t into fishes and dolphins then yes, I guess you wouldn’t be excited and/or interested.

BUT I WAS CRAZY EXCITED. Bitch please, we had the aquarium to ourselves!!!!

Got to see manta rays being fed and we fed the fishes too! We also got pretty detailed explanations of the fishes. I think we were super lucky because the dolphins swam right up close to the glass to say hi! I’ll post pictures sometime later. It doesn’t happen often once visitors start streaming in because our guide said the dolphins are shy and the crowd stresses them out a little. But before activists start screaming for their release, I would like to report that the dolphins looked happy and they had ample space of 11 connected lagoons to play in. They are also being well-fed.

The trip reaffirmed my liking of sting rays because they just seem so happy and carefree. The garoupas were oddly endearing even though when I saw them, I was mostly thinking of food. They were in general, super cooperative when it came to photo taking. It also caused a tourist to burst out,”哇噻!这只鱼儿也太大了吧!!!” More than once ok.

The octopus was also wildly active today. I got a little pissed when I saw a woman taking flash photos and I regret not stopping her. The octopus is scary…but actually quite beautiful. The first time I went, it was just resting in a corner.

I got to touch everything in the touch pool with detailed explanations. I loved touching the sea cucumber; it’s truly like the underwater world teddy bear. All soft and furry. Oh and the bamboo head shark!!! It’s super cute when it’s all small and we saw the eggs of the shark. Kind of reminiscent of the alien in Prometheus and the Alien franchise. The guy explaining looked a little like Ash Kwaychap (Please everyone watch this: ) hahahah and we totally burst out laughing when we heard him take on a Chinese accent later while talking to a tourist.

The tour took 2 hours and I also found out that there’s an educational overnight trip!!! That is crazy amazing. I don’t care if I’ve to bunk with 30 toddlers or something. I’m going to do it.

And it was followed by a good brunch at Slappy Cakes where you can actually cook your own pancakes but we were too lazy. We then went back to Vivo to shop around and found FrancFranc having a huge sale in other words, closing down sales or so I should guess. ):

It was a great day out and probably the best recess week I’ll ever have. Thank you Kon, for gifting me with something I really wanted and better. ❤


Awkward Tuesday (part 1)

remains after 5 weeks in school.

I have never felt so much awkwardness in one class as I’ve in my entire existence and it’s miserable.

When I see my classmates, I do the below and even in my mind, there’s a flashing alert of the description of my face I probably just gave. It goes like this: tentative smile has just turned into a grimace and nothing has been accomplished.

And obviously that was even before I got into class because the school just had to assign my prof the room located at the end of a terribly long hallway.

But being part of SMU means being part of the class part culture. I have just realised how incredibly hard it is to get my thoughts flowing in the morning especially when I’ve no friend to act as a sounding board.

Basically, this.

I had no choice if you’re wondering why I even bid for a morning class was because there were only 2 classes offered and the better prof was teaching the morning slot. So I went for it.

All hopeful like and that obviously ended quickly.

Returning to my original point of class parting, I have been making a conscious effort into it. But it ends up like this:

And the class is like…

There’s such a person in our class???

Yeah, there is. I’ve been your classmate for 5 weeks.

Stay tuned for part 2 because despite it being a 3 hr lecture, class has felt impossibly long; even longer than Wednesdays which start at 8.15am and end at 8.30pm.

Sidenote @HY:hope you like this.