As usual

I’m procrastinating instead of studying. Mum’s away this week resulting in the haywiring of my sleep cycle.

This week, we celebrated Chong’s 21st and we had dinner at Pasta Brava before visiting a gay bar. It was a Monday night so it was quiet and we got 2 tables to ourselves. Trying to get Chong to drink more (more like drunk) just didn’t work. The party ended at 10pm because at least half of us had early classes. All very wholesome. We left and I spotted this lewd-looking Chinese man whom I would punch if he had tried to hit on any of my friends. But I guess the action doesn’t start till later at the bar. It was a good night out and a great start to the week even though I missed one class.

Tuesday-Thursday aren’t worth talking about because nothing good in particular ever happens on these days. Especially since Susu’s not around to entertain me and I had already missed Sandra by missing my Monday class. Plus I overslept again on Wednesday but luckily I was saved by my mum and made it on the dot for class in the end. But I finally met up with Cherie at Crossings cafe and had Marble Slab after. Brian and her went to ICB for pool and cider which I couldn’t enjoy because I had class. That counts as a midweek bright spot. The littlefield game was shit and a black spot on my week. I sent in my resume to We are Social but it looks like the chance of getting in is minimal. Currently giving serious consideration to the questions posed by Esplanade.

Friday was crazy fun. I was out again with Lihua for shopping and iLight 2014. I bought a pair of black wedges and she went to cut her hair. The hair cut was ridiculously fast; only half an hour. She looks 15 now I swear. I voiced my craving for cider but we couldn’t find the one I wanted and we settled for the new Tiger Beer instead. I wouldn’t have chosen it but I don’t think the other 2 options were appealing. And the new beer had lemon, which is a good addition to everything. Felt like a bad influence on the little kids walking along with our beers and also felt a little touristy??? But it was pretty relaxing. We also managed to catch Kerbside Gourmet for dinner and had dessert at Pasar Bella. The number of desserts we had was kind of ridiculous. We started the afternoon with a nutella banana crepe at Bugis Street and the rain which prevented us from going to Haji Lane drove us to have lava cake (it’s not as good as it looks but still comforting because chocolate and it was only $5). The revamped Bugis is really bright by the way. The day of gluttony was ended by a cookie ice cream sandwich. I plan on hitting pasar bella again before it ends because its usual spot is just too crazy far from my house.

So back to iLight. It was amazing and the good weather after the heavy rain held throughout the night. I love interactive art and they had tonnes of that this year. I think art that you can touch and play with is one of the best you can ever have. This year’s art had the whole participatory culture injected into it where festival goers are invited to play a part in creating and building upon the artists’ artwork. One of the major themes would probably by unity/teamwork especially for The Pool. You don’t realise how you’re part of a bigger picture till you step back and observe other people.

For people who are getting married, now is a great time to get your wedding photo taken on the Helix bridge because they’re projecting a huge 喜 onto the Art Science Museum as part of the exhibition.

I think iLight is a great showcase of how art, science and technology are synergised and integrated to create a whole new experience. I was quite awed by the installation that changed colors when the wind blew. I liked the 3D tic tac toe as well because it was simply fun to play with other strangers. I enjoyed this year’s festival a lot more than the last for the increased interaction with the artworks. Need to go again before it ends~~~~


I started today

with me hitting someone…in my dream.

It’s true.

I dreamt that Lihua and I rented out our room cause we had decided to move in together to save costs. We rented out a room to a girl who turned out to be a major bitch. This bitch in the dream borrowed a lip balm from us cause her lips were chapping and hers had run out. So Lihua being the kind person she was, she loaned it. And then the bitch stared at it and said condescendingly,”Is this made of like weed?” (No, not the drug kind)

To which I just outright went crazy and proceeded to scratch her face and hit her.

I didn’t actually pounce on her in the dream because I would probably have fallen off my bed. But I did wake up with my hand flailing in the air wildly. I probably woke up because I was expending too much energy in my sleep and I didn’t get the satisfaction of hitting the bitch.

The same morning, my dad had a dream of hitting a cockroach and nearly hit my mum who was quite pissed. Hahahahahhaah

Yep and that’s it.

This post concludes

my recess week which I’ve termed my birthday week for myself as well. This week saw to quite a few of my friends turning 21 as well.

Believe it or not, I feel actual stress turning 21. The fact that I’m an only child compounds the stress; I mean I’m fully legally culpable for all my actions now. So instead of choosing to celebrate with anyone, I chose to stay at home with my family. Hosting a party is nice but a little too overwhelming for me. All the costs plus questions about who to invite etc etc. Sorry, I can’t deal.

Putting all the above and the assignments and mugging I had to do this week, it was a pretty good week despite me yet again failing to swim. I vow to swim at least once before Pinning comes home (but if in March, then I cannot fulfil it). I met with Junjie, Zhiliang (both on Monday for dinner at Pu Tien), Lihua (Wednesday @ S.E.A Aquarium), Priscilla and Amelia (Sunday for Chye Seng Huat & Windowsill Pies). There were other SMU people I met with for projects so I’m fully discounting them since it was for school and not for fun.

Very grateful to the above people for taking time to celebrate with me and their presents/treats. I know I’m a difficult person to get presents for, mainly cause I don’t have a wish list and I’m picky. The rationale behind the former is because I would like to appreciate the thought process behind the gift and the sincerity of taking time to think and choose. The general guideline is that I now like practical gifts which can be used. I personally think it’s rather pleasing/heartening to know that my money hasn’t been used for something that can’t be integrated into the receiver’s life.

Thank you Junjie and Zhiliang. Conversations with you all’s always interesting. And yes junjie, this bitch here will certainly defend your honour if you ever need me too.

Thank you liar & pris for the Saturday afternoon of chilling and catching up. Plus for all that walking even with cramps in this unbearable dry heat. I think more than the food and what not, I’ll treasure the memory even more.

I won’t ever be able to thank Lihua enough. But also, now I’ll only want to go as a VIP to S.E.A Aquarium so…this may unexpectedly drain my pockets. I can’t express how damned much I appreciate the whole experience. I thought my 21 would be brought across lightly without much hooha and in a way it has been, but because of the trip, it really wasn’t. Thank you for gifting me with a whole experience that I’ll forever and ever remember and cherish.

I also got a Hello Kitty night lamp from Sandra and Susu which we all agreed wasn’t actually appropriate for a 21 year old. Nonetheless, they were excited about buying it and I was excited to receive it. It’s hanging on my door, greeting me when I come home. It cheers me up actually even though I won’t actually use it at night; I’ve gotten used to sleeping in near complete darkness.

Thank you to everyone who remembered and bothered with well-wishes. I don’t have a head for numbers/dates etc so I do appreciate it when people remember (especially without any prompts); it feels like I matter to you.

This week pretty much zoomed by and there’s still so much to do with my OCSP, internship application which I’m totally behind on etc etc.

Here’s to everyone who’s celebrating their 21st. May we shine bright forever more.

I actually laughed out loud at this scene because of the tackiness of it all. With that said, I hope Leo finally get to bring an Oscar home.