Stars & Stripes

This is a Captain America: The Winter Soldier Appreciation post.

It has come a month late because I was the first of my friends to watch it and then had to hold in all my freaking feels alone. I can now count the number of people whom I usually talk to who haven’t watched CA2 yet. I wanted to do this like a month ago but I couldn’t. (Liew, you can stop reading here.)

I wanted to do characters individually but I shall condense it into one post (for now) while listening to the soundtrack. The problem is really where do I start seeing as how this movie gave me so many feels?????

So we begin with a completely unnecessary character introduction and I do not care if you think revealing who the Winter Soldier is is actually a spoiler; it’s not.

We obviously have Steve Rogers & Captain America played by Chris Evans:


Bucky/Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan:


Black Widow Natasha Romanov by Scarlett Johansson:


Fury by Samuel L Jackson (who is not Laurence Fishburne):

Newcomer Falcon who is cool as fuck because he flies and Anthony Mackie’s self-written storyline is that he is secretly dating Black Widow. Get in the queue please.


The relationships between the characters are well fleshed out and we do get a sense of how they relate to each other. I don’t think I could take any more flashbacks with Bucky or scenes with Peggy because I already have so much feels. I’ll leave out the scenes with Peggy because they’re mildly spoilerish and heartbreaking.

Steve/Natasha: This is an interesting pair because they’re pretty much opposites. They have different work ethics and moral compasses. It’s a work wife/husband relationship I would say. They learn from each other and I think we can see Natasha reflecting on her own actions. I think one defining moment was when Black Widow questions if he would trust her to protect him when push came to shove.

Steve/Falcon: This scene characterises their relationship; Steve leads the friendship. We again see him being the inspirational character who draws Sam Wilson back onto the battleground. Both of them share a military background and it helps them connect. More importantly, Falcon is a veteran who works with traumatised veterans. It’s precisely what Steve needs to help adjust to the modern life without any past connections (or so he thought).

Steve/Bucky/Winter Soldier: This is so complicated. During war vs the 21st century.

You can totally fit the song in Frozen here. We used to be best buddies, but now we’re not. I wish you would tell me why~

This is coincidentally my favourite fight scene in the movie. Can you just focus on the freaking knife flip? I don’t even care that it might not be Sebstan. Him/stunt double James Young does it so freaking well and perfectly choreographed.

I re-watched The First Avenger and I noticed that Bucky was truly played with a lot of depth and nuances that actually helped transit to The Winter Soldier. For all our hearts, I shall not put the gif of Bucky in pain.

Some of my favourite scenes other than character interaction include:

It’s actually pretty close to the actual climax ok. If you don’t feel sorry for the poor Pikachus, YOU HAVE NO HEART.

The lift scene. I could watch it 10 times over and over again. 10 v 1 and Captain still won. But we all knew there wasn’t much of a fight. It just made me sad that his comrades turned on him.

All the scenes involving cars and pretty much the highways. Very realistic and exciting. Just look at the sparks flying.

I can’t wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

I need it. NOW.