Life can get worse

Especially when you challenge it.

One of the shittiest weeks of 2014 so far ever since the Vietnam trip.

  1. Mixed messages as to what’s expected
  2. Constantly being told to “fight for my ideas” when 1. is happening
  3. Screwed my 15% PR strat quiz because again I have no idea what the prof is saying (ironic considering how PR is about communication)
  4. Constantly wondering if I’m the common factor
  5. Constantly feeling like I’m burdening the entire team
  6. No idea on how to start my 25% fucking essay especially since I did badly for individual component by this prof last sem
  7. Truly thinking of quitting my comm but also feeling like it’s too late.
  8. Consistently feeling inadequate
  9. Running out of ideas
  10. Further negative emotions sprouting from points above

My life is filled with annoyance and being fucked around.