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Doing this cause it’s a short one and also because I haven’t done this (and blogging) for the longest time ever. My yearly recap posts are somewhere in the dungeons since 1/4 of 2015 has passed.

Choosing for each category is always so freaking hard.

One Song: 

Hanabi by MR CHILDREN. It’s a one-song-fits-all-moods kind of song and I like how carefree the melody is.

Two Movies: 

Spirited Away by Miyazaki Hayao. If you’ve watched it, you’ll know why.

Inception because Leonardo di Caprio. Partly but not really. The concepts of dreams, dreaming and subconsciousness were fascinating. Possibly triggered my dreams within dreams.

Three TV shows:

Nodame Cantabile- All time favorite. Never fails to whisk me into their world where music is the only thing that matters and passion+dreams will triumph over reality. It’s just incredibly fun to sink into and binge watch.

Kazoku Game- Fascinatingly dark, peppered with equally dark humor and full of twists without the sloppy ending. I loved how Sakurai Sho was not Sakurai Sho the idol and he simply became the character.

Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbou (original series)- I’ll always be nostalgic for this because it was terrifying as a kid and sparked interest in future detective/thriller dramas.

I’ve only chosen Japanese dramas because American dramas are unfortunately unable to hold my interest long enough for me to complete all seasons or more often than not, half a season. The only reason why I’m sticking with Agents of SHIELD is because I like continuity and the ability to understand everything that goes on in the movies that rarely matters. Japanese dramas are short and succinct without much filler episodes that some others do and also not every character ends up hooking with every other character ahemGossipGirlahem. Having all characters hook up with each other makes it extremely difficult to have a ship of any sorts or rather my ships end up sinking which I hate. Do not want to resort to reading fanfiction especially since good ones are hard to find and most importantly they are non-canon when I desperately want the good ones to be. Endings are rarely sloppy, which is essential for me because I don’t like half-hearted shit.

Four People: 

I’m excluding family. Jane (PD mentor & we’ve become friends with me seeking advice from time to time) & Kon.

Five Foods: 

I don’t care I’m including drinks. Hokkaido milk is the best milk you’ll ever have. Udon because nowhere else in the world will you find udon like you do in Japan. Eggs benedict simply because breakfast food. Potato croquette but only in Japan again and your tongue will tell you the difference one day. Matsuzaka beef that we had for the last day of dinner in Japan that was so smooth, tender and so so so prettily marbled.

Six people to tag:

Nil (you’ve probably done this already if you’re reading this).

Ok maybe for my next post I’ll actually complete my annual recap that is mostly for myself.