Making a list

to quell for desire to shop. And also because I haven’t wrote a list in about forever so let’s start making lists again.

1) Timberland’s SS15 ‘Small shopper bag’ in copper. I just love the color and it looks ultra light as well- a quality I value in my bags. But most likely it’s the material. I’ve recently discovered a love for leather goods, which further leads me to my next item.

2) Leather jacket. Guess this was propelled by Scarlet Witch’s dressing in AOU. On a side note of AOU, I vaguely enjoyed it but didn’t feel like it was worth a second watch in the cinemas. I liked that Capt mentioned his ‘missing person’ but overall didn’t really like how Thor’s scenes were cut.

3) Boots. I just want them to be heeled like an inch or 2? Not too pointy in front because it would fucking hurt and I already have 100000 problems being flatfooted. Being flatfooted is no fun at all when all you get are brands that are obviously targeting middle-aged women.

4) Earphones. Finally something techy. I need a new pair: I’m partially deaf in a ear. But somehow I’m so used to this state that I’m not bothered to the point where I need a new pair the very next day. I make the resolution of taking better care of my wires every time my earphones go kaput but I never. I think I will this time: I can’t afford the annual upkeep. Gotta learn from Brian.

5) Uniqlo’s anything and everything. Wtf I have never actually walked out of any of their stores empty-handed before. It’s slightly ridiculous.

Then again I think it’s time to curb this desire to shop. Not that I have any money. When Pinning comes home I’ll just be broke again because we indulge ourselves too much when obviously I’m not the one drawing a salary.


Out of the Loop

So I just found out via a Chinese link instead of ONTD the cast of Beauty & the Beast that was actually announced half a month ago. In order to make up for all my laggyness, I’ve started watching all the dramas that I’ve missed. Have started on Aiba’s drama Yokoso Wagaya e & Kimura Takuya’s I’m Home. Am so terribly behind on everything and as usual blaming it on school.

Started summer school and it’s madness. I just experienced 3 weeks in 1 week and it’s mind-blowing. It’s like a freaking time warp and I’ve no idea how I managed to go to school every single day for approximately 18 years of my life.

I’ve also been asked why do I do it to myself and that’s a great question because even I forget it when I wake up at 6.30am in the morning to attend a 8.15am class. I just hope I save enough money to actually visit Pinning before she graduates.

It is also here that I would like to insert a mini rant about how companies never ever bother sending a rejection letter that would crush and put out that flame of hope in you once and for all. You wait, keeping in mind that they’ve said HR is busy but really, how hard/difficult it is to send a rejection email? Also, how long does it take to craft that rejection, which I’m sure has been done 10000000 times so much so that there is an actual template and all that’s left is to change the candidate’s name?!

But it is ok. I have stopped waiting.

I was going to end on that note but it may sound vaguely ominous/threatening/depressing. So uhm…let’s end with Chris Hemsworth. My dad totally thinks he’s hot too even though he usually despises guys with flowing locks and couldn’t stop praising him when we were watching Thor together. I love his new hair.

On a final side note of this completely pointless post that I wrote in an attempt to revive this space, I’ve learnt how to bun my hair with a chopstick so does anyone know where I can get a hair stick? Japan had them but I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn the art of bunning my hair with a stick so :/