Europe tripping

Has officially begun.

Currently on the train from Munich to Berlin.

Thanks everyone who has messaged me with news of Brussels and reminding me to stay safe. I’ll do my best. Also very glad for the size of German polizei- they look extremely reassuring (and hot) in their uniforms.

We had an extremely eventful first day in Germany. First there was the security check where I fucked up with the liquids and made to throw my beloved shampoo and conditioner away ): That’s however a relatively small issue for me even though I was slightly upset since those were Tsubaki that has kept my hair silky smooth and straight till now.

Then we got to the airport to catch a bus to the train station. We would have been on time since we had buffer time but alas, we were held up by a quartet of English guys plus a traffic jam. Had to spend an extra €154 for 2 more tickets for the next train. NTUC TRAVEL INSURANCE: IS THIS UNDER MY COVERAGE??? Please pick this up on your radar #ineedtoknow

We had a great time in Munich. Wish we had another day here but to Berlin we shall head. Will upload photos through my Instagram. Maybe I’ll do a photo post when I get back here.

Take care everybody.


A list of things I

worry about and how I feel occasionally expressed in GIFs of course.


Because girls travelling together sounds exactly like a recipe for BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN.


I mean yeah, if I get my kidneys stolen as Hua is ever cautioning about.


(It’ll be Pinning instead of Paula.)


More practically, what if I lose my money cause pickpockets left and right? Trust me on this, I’ve been a victim.


Excited and horrified????


Breathing. It helps, right?


This is how I feel at all of the above.


I’m not even that stressed. (Looking at you, Pris)


The cooler side of me feels I’m ridiculous for all the above. I totally agree.



It’s only a month.


But my long-awaited trip is finally here!!!



So bye guys and please keep me in your prayers~!

Sidenote: why didn’t anyone GIF the part when Rebecca says I scared in a really really small voice?! WATCH CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND IT HAS BEEN RENEWED.