Europe tripping

Has officially begun.

Currently on the train from Munich to Berlin.

Thanks everyone who has messaged me with news of Brussels and reminding me to stay safe. I’ll do my best. Also very glad for the size of German polizei- they look extremely reassuring (and hot) in their uniforms.

We had an extremely eventful first day in Germany. First there was the security check where I fucked up with the liquids and made to throw my beloved shampoo and conditioner away ): That’s however a relatively small issue for me even though I was slightly upset since those were Tsubaki that has kept my hair silky smooth and straight till now.

Then we got to the airport to catch a bus to the train station. We would have been on time since we had buffer time but alas, we were held up by a quartet of English guys plus a traffic jam. Had to spend an extra €154 for 2 more tickets for the next train. NTUC TRAVEL INSURANCE: IS THIS UNDER MY COVERAGE??? Please pick this up on your radar #ineedtoknow

We had a great time in Munich. Wish we had another day here but to Berlin we shall head. Will upload photos through my Instagram. Maybe I’ll do a photo post when I get back here.

Take care everybody.


A list of things I

worry about and how I feel occasionally expressed in GIFs of course.


Because girls travelling together sounds exactly like a recipe for BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN.


I mean yeah, if I get my kidneys stolen as Hua is ever cautioning about.


(It’ll be Pinning instead of Paula.)


More practically, what if I lose my money cause pickpockets left and right? Trust me on this, I’ve been a victim.


Excited and horrified????


Breathing. It helps, right?


This is how I feel at all of the above.


I’m not even that stressed. (Looking at you, Pris)


The cooler side of me feels I’m ridiculous for all the above. I totally agree.



It’s only a month.


But my long-awaited trip is finally here!!!



So bye guys and please keep me in your prayers~!

Sidenote: why didn’t anyone GIF the part when Rebecca says I scared in a really really small voice?! WATCH CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND IT HAS BEEN RENEWED.

My trip to

Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau was really filled with eating and shopping. Both were thanks to my 2 aunts. Basically we walked around for more than 10 hours every single day. But it’s ok because we were fuelled by good food with the exception of the breakfast in Shenzhen because none of us were used to the food. I mean since when did xiao long baos have the same kind of skin as char siew baos???

But anyway the trip was humbling in a way because it felt super overwhelming to actually see and feel for myself just how densely populated HK and China are. Literally because feeling the people is just unavoidable…there is no concept of personal space because the streets are always packed. And according to a salesperson, it’s really normal and when the holidays arrive, you can’t even move on the streets. I was pretty paranoid about being burned by the smokers who always casually dangle their smokes between their fingers.

If you think our Orchard road is crowded on weekends…I have to tell you it’s a daily occurrence over there and if you think our trains are packed during peak hours…I also have to tell you that it’s always peak hours on their public transport.

My impression of Hong Kong is a bustling city filled with people who don’t stop from the moment they wake up till the moment they fall asleep in their houses. They walk at a crazy fast pace and are pretty impatient if you block their way. We got quite a lot of tsks, glares and a few cursings under the breaths cause my aunt couldn’t walk as fast. I don’t know why but they insist on pushing carts on crowded streets and those can really hurt if you’re unfortunate/slow enough to be bumped by them. Can you believe it, even the clouds don’t stop over Hong Kong. And most of them thought we were Mainlanders so they either ignored us or treated us curtly. But I like that they apply sanitisers to the handrails of escalators in their MTR (which is our MRT); I was more at ease holding onto them (which was what the announcement repeated reminded us to) with the whole bird flu case and all.

I couldn’t really get much of Shenzhen since we only stopped over for 2 nights and we didn’t really go exploring. We spent all our time exploring the malls which were crazy big and my dad admitted that he was paranoid that a fire would break out and we would all die. His concern was understandable. We were in this wholesale distribution mall and the corridors were very packed and needless to say we were surrounded by the all-too-flammable clothes. Some of the shopkeepers were pretty scary but that should not deter you from bargaining with them. A word of caution: If you’re asthmatic, claustrophobic or anemic then don’t go. There are too many people packed into those corridors and if you faint, I’m not sure if anyone will notice.

Oh and it is indeed very loud in Shenzhen because they have loudspeakers/loudhailers blasting the latest promotion they have going on in their shops. They also have giant LCD or whatever TVs blasting music…I think ours are mostly silent ones? But anyway, it just adds to the hubbub of noise and unless you shout, you really won’t be heard.

Finally we got to Macau. There’s a whole lot of construction still going on in Macau but once you go past them, Macau’s presented to you doused in gold, dressed in glitter and topped with sparkles. Macau feels like Hong Kong’s rich cousin or something. The buildings of Macau themselves offer enticing peeks into the riches they might offer you or more possibly, take away from you. I enjoyed Macau’s foods like the Portugese egg tarts, pork chop bun and Portugese baked rice (it has yet to appear on my Instagram). I didn’t manage to try their steamed milk pudding though but I will…maybe when my aunt arranges another trip next year. Macau’s weather was pretty unpredictable though…the rain prevented us from seeing the landmarks but oh well at least we left with our stomachs full.

So that’s it for my summer trip, most photos are on Instagram. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else if I’m going to work…

But for now, summer still stretches very far ahead of us.

Best of my


Being in Paris calls for a mandatory shot of the Eiffel Tower. Conquered Eiffel by climbing up. Breathless. Literally and figuratively. But this is my favorite shot of the entire trip which I took. The trip to Paris was pretty disillusioning. Paris above ground and underground present very different images and the underground in the Metro is slightly depressing. Cobbled pavements are really not suitable for walking as I’ve found out even in my sneakers. Paris is the most beautiful when viewed from the bridges and it’s indeed true. I still love the city but heightened wariness if I go back.

Definitely the highlight of London. We were there with less than a month to go to Olympic and the excitement was palpable in the air. It’s a city which is very very much alive. I felt really welcome in the country. They were stringent at the Customs but still remained friendly and warm. I regret not getting the tea there so chong, you must help me buy ok! They come in really cute tins such as their icons.

Italy's angel
I personally think Italy’s hard to capture in photos; probably cause of their massive architecture.A photo of an angel is pretty apt I guess? They have a lot of statues in Italy. Walked around Rome and there were fountains everywhere. It was crazy hot in Italy and for a while I had the imprint of my shades on my face. Do not go in Summer if you hate the heat. Italy and France have similarities but are very different at the same time. And I enjoyed the samba masala or some kind of drums performance in the park outside my hotel. Gelatos are a must try, any random flavor is worth a lick.

Venice deserves a post of its own and it feels like it’s a different country by itself. I love Venice. I love the quaint old charm of walking on the winding streets; every corner and every turn takes you to somewhere unexpected. I left Venice, more in love with it than I ever was.

2 weeks for Europe is not enough; there isn’t much time to immerse yourself in the pace and culture of the city/country which is quite important for me when I travel.

Cheated with this because this was from my first trip to Japan with the school. I couldn’t really find a good iconic photo of this trip. Probably the temple but my shot wasn’t very good. But having been to Japan twice, I still love it. Yes I’ll go back.

Hopefully, I’ll get to go more places this year.