You’d better work BITCH

And so my recess week comes to an end.

Recess week is and will always be a lie. But yet, I’m considering myself lucky for only coming back 3 out of the 5 work days. I’m still saddled with work and this is always the time when my procrastination tendencies start to kick in. Just when I need the time to focus the most.

The most enjoyable thing I have done this week is to conceptualise my drawing and practising with my watercolours. It’s just immensely fun to be doing something I haven’t done for a long time even though my mum’s at the side snickering when I try to draw.

PD work is back on shaky tracks but I guess I can only suck it up and work harder. I’m a 3rd time PD veteran now and whenever people hear that they just go,”Do you love SMU that much?”

Once and for all, no. I just like to be part of such stuff.

This post is also basically meaningless and I’m just updating because Chong complained about a lack of updates. And also made a cameo on Rachel’s blog with our Facetime session. I should really be facetiming more people. I did manage to catch up with the usual crowd over Cherie’s birthday dinner and visited the cat cafe with Brian & Sihui. I guess it’s really been an above average week.

I ran into my neighbour 2 weeks ago and he was going to London to study Fine Arts. As always, I immediately felt inferior, lagging and lacking. I’ve seriously never met anyone else who is so sure of what they want in life. He has amazing luck as well? He was scrambling for an apartment even till the day he arrived in London and now he lives in a cute maisonette with a nice landlady and a cat. I really want to have his luck.

This week is also my catch-up-on-Arashi-shows week. Never honestly thought i would and could be a fan for so long???? But oh well I am still stanning for them and I highly doubt it’ll end soon.

My life is so mundane that I’ll leave my Belbin report for another post.